OFFICAL RULES

                                        (Current as of 4/15/2019)



  • Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky Spotted bass qualify.


  • Total fish point scores are based on the length of the best five fish that are of at least 12” on your card.


    • Only one rod and reel  may be used at a time.
  • Only artificial lures are to be used.
  • No live bait or prepared baits will be permitted with the exception being pork rinds, strips, etc.
  • Casting only, trolling is not permitted.


    • All fishing is to be done from a boat.
  • Fishing is permitted anywhere within the shoreline boundaries of the tournament lake with the exception being any areas marked as OFF-LIMITS.
  • You are not to fish within 25 yards of another anchored contestant, unless you are invited to do so.



    • Any boat and motor is acceptable. However, any outboard motor is restricted to no wake-no passing for the first 30 minutes of the tournament.
  • It is the responsibility of the boat owner to ensure that the boat complies with all state and local laws with respect to registration and required safety equipment.
  • New Rule 4/4/2017 🙂 It is required by S.B.B.C. that the owner of the boat carries boat insurance on any boat he or she will be using for club functions.
  • It is the responsibility of the non-boater to ensure that a proper fitting life jacket is on-board.
    • (Rev 1/18) When a boat is operated at greater than no wake speeds, it is Required that everyone on board is to wear a life jacket.
  • (New Rule 9/4/18 starting 2019:) The no pass rule at blastoff for tournaments scheduled on lakes that do not have a no wake rule has been removed. However, the person who calls blast must use the 30 second interval rule.

BOAT USE (rev 3/10)

    • No contestant shall operate the boat in such a manner as to deliberately handicap his or her non- boater.
  • Each contestant shall have the opportunity to select the fishing water for one half of the day.


BLAST-OFF rev. 3/12

    • Blast-off order will be determined by a draw.
  • The last boat to blast-off will have starting responsibilities.
  • Blast-offs will be in approximately 30-second intervals.
  • A boat that does not respond to their slotted blast-off order call due to negligence or mechanical issues will lose their slot. (Meaning if boat 1 is not ready for blast when called then boat 2 will be called , boat 1 is  not be permitted to pass boat 2 as defined in the Boat and Motor restrictions guidelines


    • Wet your hands and your measuring board before handling or measuring your fish.
  • Handle your fish by the jaw only.
  •  All bass caught are to be measured and then immediately released back to the water.
  • ** No more than one bass may be kept each year for trophy mounting purposes.
  • Your fish are to be measured on an official club (check-it stick) measuring board. The fish is to be measured with its mouth closed and head placed against the end of the board. The tail may be fanned to get your length.
  • On your card indicate your fish length in half-inch increments up to 15 inches. Fish (Missouri’s) over 15 inches are to be measured and scored to the one eighth inch.




Length Point Length Points Length Points
























































    • Up to five bass may be scored in a tournament.
  • Fish point totals will determine tournament winner and finish points.
  • Season scoring is based on tournament finish points.
  • A tournament first place finish earns 100 points, second place earns 95 points, third place earns 90 points, and so forth.
  • If an angler fails to card a fish or finishes in 19th or below, 10 finish points are awarded.
    • Scorecards must be initialed by your partner and turned in at the tournament site to receive any points.
  •  In the event of a tournament cancellation due to adverse conditions, all contestants that show up receive 10 show points.
  • The best 5 of 7 tournaments finishes will count in the yearend score for the SBBC Angler of the Year Award.



    • Big bass will break fish point stringer ties, and “heavy stringer” will break big bass ties.
  • In case of an identical stringer, both fishermen will receive the same finish points.


LATE PENALTY (rev 02/09)

    • Grace Period. At five minutes past the published tournament end time you are considered to be late for weigh in.
  • The penalty at that time (5 after) will be that your largest fish will be disqualified. Also for every two minutes late beyond that (7 after) you will lose your second largest fish then at (9 after) your third largest fish. So on so forth.
  • With a full card you will only receive 10 show points if you are more than 13 minutes late to weigh in.


    • It has been decided by majority vote that once the tournament schedule and detail has been published it cannot be changed for the season.
  • However, the tournament committee reserves the right to change the schedule if an unsafe condition is found to exist.


    • In the event of questionable weather conditions that may provide an unsafe condition at the time of the scheduled launch, the Tournament committee may decide to delay the start.
  • If it is decided to delay the start it is understood that we will take a full one hour delay and that everyone is due back to the ramp 60 minutes after the original launch time.
  •  At that time if the committee decides that the weather is still threatening we will take another 30 minute break. If at that time the weather is still questionable it will be decided by a majority vote of all in attendance if we go forward with or cancel the tournament event.
  • A majority vote on the ramp will decide if the time delayed is to be added to finish time of event.



    • In the event of a tournament cancellation due to adverse conditions, formal make-up tournaments will not be held.
  • The club may choose to hold an informal tournament on another date however it will not be included in the season scoring.
  • In case of 2 cancellations, the best 4 out of 5 count and so forth.



    • Awards will be given to first, second, and third place, and for big bass finishes during club tournaments.
  • To qualify for a big bass award the fish must be at least 15 inches in length.


    • Big stringer and / or Big bass pools may be established for a tournament.
  • Entry is voluntary. 
  • One can only participate in big bass / Calcutta if paid in full by tournament start time!!
  • Big stringer pay-off will be 50% for first place, 30% for second place, and 20% for third place.? Pay-off will be made only to those in participation.
  • Big bass pool pays 100% to big bass.
  • In the event of a tie, see the rule regarding ties.


Non-Boaters Fee

    • Fees will vary depending on the distance to the lake.
  • Non-boater fee will be determined the night of the draw.
  • The fee is calculated by taking the one way miles to the tournament lake and divided by 10 mpg, times the price per gallon of gas the day of the draw =Non-Boater fee for the tournament.
  • The non-boaters fee is due paid to your boater prior to launch of each tournament.
  • Failure to offer to settle the fee at that time could result with you not being invited by your boater to participate from his boat at that event.


    • All members wishing to be included in the draw must announce their intention prior to the pairing draw.
  • Boat Cancelation: In the event that we have a boat cancel after the draw, any replacement boat found will be given the start position of the no show boat.
  • Participants may not compete more than one time each tournament season with same paired member or same invited guest.

Process in order for pairing draw: (rev 02/09)

  1. Determine who will fish as a boater, who will fish as a non-boater.
  2. Announce boater / non-boater ratio.
  3. If heavy on boats, ask if anyone would volunteer to give up their boat and??????? become a non-boater for the event draw.
  4. Attempt to fill any open boats with invited guest.
  5. If heavy with non-boaters ask to see if anyone can bring a boat or if anyone would like to invite a guest with a boat.

6. The Tournament Director will attempt to locate any other needed boats prior to tournament event.

  1. Any unpaired non-boaters after the draw will be notified by the Tournament Director with options prior to the event. If no boats were found the Tournament Director has the option of placing three anglers in one boat as need be.
  2. Draw boater and non-boater as pair to determine tournament start order.
  3. In the event that the last pair drawn has fished together in the current tournament season the draw will be declared as a “do over” and all boater and non-boater positions will be redrawn. The redraw process will be given three attempts and at the end of third attempt pairing will be made by switching last non-boater with next to last non-boater then the second to last then the third to last etc. until a correct pairing is made.
  4. To make pairing and as the last resort, any unpaired boaters will be paired by draw. It is agreed that the first name drawn will be considered to be the boater and the second name drawn will be considered to be the non-boater.

In the event that we have a boater, who has been drawn out of his boat and actually fished an event once in the current tournament season, and the same boater is again drawn out of his boat, this boater may opt to declare the draw to be VOID. This being the case, we start over and redraw all positions.


    • Guest are not allowed to fish with the same (host) more than once per season.
  • If the invited guest is a no show and the host boater or non-boater fishes alone for that event he will go to the end of the blast off order.
  • If this happens twice in one season to the same host that host is barred from declaring an invited guest for the remainder of the season as well as the entire next season.



    • All members will have the option one time each season to fish with a member of choice at any one event of their choosing.
  • Once a pairing is made in this manner it is understood that neither party may choose each other again for the season.
  • When this option is exercised it must be declared by one or the other partys and that persons option is done for the year. (** denotes your option has been used).
  • This member or guest pairing option cannot be made again on the same lake on any two consecutive seasons.

MEMBERSHIP (rev 12/14)

    • Membership is limited to 50 members with 50% (25) being classified as boaters and 50% (25) classified as non-boaters.
  • Club dues are $40.00 per year and will include club membership and Calcutta participation. Dues will be used to cover club expenses for such things as permit fees, refreshments, tournament awards, and year-end awards.
  • Anyone wishing to join the membership will be required to attend two club functions before being considered.
  • Inclusion to membership requires a two-thirds majority vote with quorum being present to pass.
  • This vote will be taken at the first meeting following his/her second function.
  •  Every boating member shall purchase an official (check-it) tournament measuring board.? These are available for purchase from the club at club cost of( $35.00.)
  • (rev 4/2/19) Club dues for the current year will be paid prior to or at the meeting for which the tournament draw is being held this applies to both Tournaments and Calcutta series.

  SBBC Minimum age policy: (rev 12/14)

    • The SBBC actively promotes the mentoring and teaching of the sport of bass fishing to those of all ages.
  • It is generally agreed, that membership and involvement in the SBBC requires a minimum level of physical ability and mental endurance.
  •  The occasional need to operate a motor vehicle also lends itself to the fact for a need to establish a minimum age policy.
  •  To minimize the possibility of potential liability issues, it has been decided to be in the best interest of the organization and its members to apply the following rule.
  • The SBBC will require any applicant that is hoping for FULL membership to be a minimum of no less then18 years of age with a valid driver’s license.

ATTENDANCE (rev 2/17

    • The clubs annual calendar will run Jan 1, through Dec 31.
  • Members must attend a minimum of 50% of all club functions to qualify for year-end awards i.e. (Top ten, Heavy stringer, Big bass, Angler of the year, Guide of the year or Non-boater of the year.
  • Attendance will be reviewed at the July meeting, and summarized at the January meeting (year following).
  •  Members who fail to meet minimum attendance requirements for two years in a row can be removed from the roster at the tournament committee’s discretion.
  • Those that have been removed may rejoin the club after meeting all stated requirements.
  • Club sanctioned events include 12 monthly meetings, 7 tournaments, 7 Calcutta’s, 2 for Flea market, 3 for Ollie Webb event and 1 for the awards banquet that = 32 events.


YEAR-END AWARDS(rev 2/7/2017)

    • Awards will be presented to the top 10 based on finish points and will also include Angler of the year, Heavy Stringer, Big Bass, Guide of the Year, and Non-boater of the Year.
  • Season end finish point (place) ties will awarded as such .


    • Changes in the rules may be made at any monthly meeting.
  • Rule changes will require a two-thirds majority vote, of the quorum.
  • The pairing rules may be modified by the committee as need be, providing that the paring criteria are fair and agreeable to all members.
  •  To modify the pairing rule for any one event, the modification must past a majority vote of all members in attendance at the time.

PROTEST (rev. 3/10)

    • A consideration of protest must be communicated too at least one member of the tournament committee at the conclusion of that event.
  • The formal Protest is to be made within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.
  • The tournament committee will review the issues presented and decide on the course of action.
  • All decisions of the committee will be final.




  • Quorum is defined as” Simple majority of membership”



  • No alcohol consumption of any sort will be allowed during the tournament.



    • Monthly meetings will be held.
  • Meetings will be conducted by the President, or in his absence, the Vice President.
  •  Meetings will be informal, but will go to standard rules of order for voting.


OFFICERS (rev 11/10)

  • Elections will be held at the October meeting on even years.
    • Elected officers will hold office for two years.
  • Newly elected officers take office beginning with the March meeting.
  • Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director. The officers will also serve as the five person tournament committee.

 Club Officers:

President:  Kaleb Kallsen

Vice-President: Ken Toms

Secretary:  Jay Gordon

Treasurer:  Dave Anderson

Tournament Director: Charlie Hagestrom

Calcutta Director: Curt Cowel

Swap Meet director :

Kaleb Kallsen



  • In the event of a question on the interpretation of these rules, or for a situation not specifically addressed, a ruling will be made by the tournament committee.



President:  Kaleb Kallsen

Vice-President: Ken Toms

Secretary:  Jay Gordon

Treasurer: Dave Anderson

Tournament Director:  Charlie Hagestrom

Calcutta Director: Curt Cowel

** (rev) = Rule Revision Date

Revised by Randy L Sage