Calcutta Rules

                                        CALCUTTA SERIES RULES

                                           (Current as of 4/15/2019)

A SBBC members will be the only ones that can fish for year-end awards. A SBBC member is defined as someone that has paid their SBBC club dues and is in good standing in the Club. Your club dues are to be paid before any of your scores will be counted for the year end totals. A Non-SBBC person that fishes with a SBBC Member can enter the optional Big Stringer and Big Bass pools.

You must sign up to be a Boater or a Non-Boater at the beginning of the season with your scores being counted in that division alone.

Only the official (check-it stick) Club Measuring Board will be used to measure fish. To measure a fish, the mouth of the fish must be closed and touching the end of the board. 15” fish and larger should be measured to the nearest 1/8 of an inch for Big Bass purposes. A fish that does not reach a line on the stick will be next mark below. Example fish measures 12 7/8 will be a 12 ½ fish.

We will fish for 5 hours each tournament with the hours set at the meeting prior to the tournament. Schedule is determined by the Calcutta Tournament Director. Changes to the schedule can be made based upon a safety concern validated by the Tournament Committee or by a majority vote of those SBBC Members participating.

Boat position draw will be made at the SBBC meeting prior to each tournament date. Anyone wishing to be put in the draw will indicate so to the Calcutta Tournament Director prior to the meeting draw. Anyone wishing to fish after the draw at the meeting or showing up at the ramp without signing up at the SBBC meeting will be placed at the end of the blastoff order.

You can fish with whomever you want with the following stipulation: All SBBC non-boating members participating must be paired up before non-boating Calcutta Guests (non-member) will be allowed to fish in the tournament. If you are a boater and want to bring a guest, it will only be allowed if all SBBC non-boating Calcutta participating members are paired up. If you go ahead and fish with your guest anyway, then your points will not count for end-of-the-year awards.

If you sign up as a boater, you are guaranteed the opportunity to fish out of your boat. If we have 2 unpaired boaters, they will be allowed to fish alone if they wish to. If they choose to pair up in 1 boat, both totals will count in the boater final standings. What this means is that if you are signed up as a boater, you can gain fish points for the year when you fish as a non-boater in this case. Your totals will be in the boating division tough.

If you are signed up as a non-boater for the year, your fish points will not count if you fish as a boater, or run a boat for the majority of the day unless prior approval has been granted by the Calcutta Director. This is so that no one will sign up as a non-boater, but fish as a boater for a large portion of the schedule. If you are unpaired, you can either find a boating guest (still fishing as a non-boater), or you will be allowed to fish from the bank. You must still start from the boat ramp area. You can drive and fish anyplace on the Lake you wish, but you must be back in the ramp area by weigh in time.

The Boater has control over the boat. The boater does not have to let the non-boater run their boat or to fish off the front of the boat even if asked.

Non-boaters are NOT expected to pay the non-boater fee for these events, however non-boaters are encouraged to help defray costs for events scheduled outside the immediate Omaha area. So NO non-boater fee will be in place for these 7 events.

We will fish a pre-set schedule, announced prior to the first event. All tournaments are on Saturday mornings.

A Calcutta of Champions will be held in October. Eligible participants will be those that have finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of the regular Calcutta Tournaments throughout the series, pairing will be based on a draw. After all non-boaters have been drawn, the remaining boaters will be paired by draw and will have the option of whose boat they wish to use for the tournament. In the event that we have a non-paired boater, a partner will be selected based on the following order:

Next in line for Big Bass (non-boater)

Next in line for Big Bass (boater)

Highest point total from both categories not already entered

A volunteer

The partner will be allowed to fish, but will not be eligible to win the event regardless of fish points. The winner will be the eligible participant with the highest fish point total for the day. Optional pools for this event will be on an informal basis only.

The lake will be selected by draw conducted by the Calcutta Director in presence of one or more Board Members from a list of possible lakes identified by the participants. The draw will be conducted no later than the Thursday preceding the event and all participants will be notified of the location by posting on the club website, facebook, and/or by telephone. A separate award will be presented to the winner at the annual banquet.

Optional Side Bet of $10.00 per series is available for Big Stringer and Big Bass. These optional pools must be paid at the ramp before the start of the event and both pots have 100% payout. NO late entries will be accepted. The following schedule will be followed for payout for Big Stringer. Big Bass is 100% payout to the winner of that pool.

Amount Collected ( $10.00 per person)

  1st 2nd 3rd
$0-$40 (2-4 paid) 100%    
$50 ( 5 Paid) $40 $10  
$60 (6 paid) $40 $20  
$70 (7) $40 $20 $10
$80 (8) $40 $30 $10
$90 (9) $50 $30 $10
$100 (10) $50 $30 $20
$110 (11) $60 $30 $20
$120 (12) $60 $40 $20
$130 (13) $70 $40 $20
$140 (14) $70 $40 $30
$150 (15) $70 $50 $30
$160 (16) $80 $50 $30
$170 (17) $90 $50 $30
$180 (18) $90 $60 $30
$190 (19) $90 $60 $40
$200 (20) $100 $60 $40
$210 (21) $100 $70 $40
$220 (22) $110 $70 $40
$230 (23) $120 $70 $40
$240 (24) $120 $80 $40
$250 (25) $120 $80 $50
$260 (26) $130 $80 $50
$270 (27) $130 $90 $50
$280 (28) $130 $90 $60


Fish points will break Big Bass Ties; Big Bass will break Fish Point ties for these optional pools.

RV: 1/18 Final season awards will be based on the following: We will use Finish Points to determine year-end winners. The best 5 of 7 tournaments will count towards your total year-end finish points. Awards will be presented to the top 10 finishers in the Boater Division and the top 10 finishers in the Non-boater Division. Awards will also include a Big Bass award in both Boater and Non-Boater divisions. There are no tie breakers in the awards breakout.

For a Protest club rules will be followed.

Revised 1/30/2018 Randy L Sage